State of Georgia Social Worker, Women Treatment Coord.-SA in Baldwin, Georgia

Duties & Responsibilities:

The WTRS Program Coordinator is a new and innovative position to provide direct services to client needing substance abuse treatment and mental health services while participating in the Substance Abuse Treatment program. The WTRC Program Coordinator coordinates the day to day activities of the program. The Coordinator also provides case management services for these clients with severe and persistent behavioral health disorders and addictive diseases that are pending DFCS cases and during the post release period of the program. Typically, the goal is prevention of re-offending, hospitalization or other out-of-home placements. The case manager provides services primarily in the community settings: jail, courts, home, school, and other service settings.

The WTRS Program Coordinator conducts face-to-face comprehensive mental health and addictive disease assessments to identify problems and service needs typically inside the community in various setting; ie Jail, home, and hospital. The Coordinator will Interview the prospective client and/or family member(s) using techniques appropriate for the individual’s level of functioning, provide clear and concise re-entry plans to the courts and other community partners to ensure that client will have a smooth transition into treatment and re-entry into the community. Writes individual service plans that meet Medicaid, insurer, CARF, and other required standards for diagnoses, content, justifications for treatment, evidence of client input, and treatment time frames. Writes service plans that are clear, concise, complete, grammatically correct, timely and properly coded. Secures or provides necessary signatures required to secure authorization for services. Follows all Medicaid, state, insurer, and other regulations related to the credentials required to provide authorized services. Provides and bills only those client services that are authorized in the service plan.

The WTRS Program Coordinator also arranges appointments at optimal intervals to maximize use of work time. Monitors client progress and compliance with the service plan. Writes timely progress notes that relate directly to the treatment outcomes described in the service plan. Assembles, analyzes, and interprets new/updated information about the client in order to reassess treatment needs. Identifies unmet needs, reviews available resources, and modifies the treatment plan as indicated. Requests treatment authorizations and re-authorizations within required time frames.

Provides service linking and monitoring. Establishes linkages and coordination of services with community agencies. Develops and maintains cooperative working relationships with community service providers. Informs clients and families of the availability of community advocacy and support groups.

Other critical services provided include symptom management, behavior management planning, teaching of relevant skills, supportive community-based interventions, and crisis intervention services. The WTRS Program Coordinator participates in Strategic Resource Meeting and/or interdisciplinary case staffing and staff meetings.

Minimum Training & Experience: Master's degree and eligibility to be licensed OR Bachelor's degree in a related field and two years of experience in social service delivery.

Agency Specific Qualifications and/or Preferred Qualifications:


Master's degree in psychology, social work, or counseling and Licensure at least at Associate Level (LAPC or LMSW)

Experience working with adults with severe and persistent mental illness and/or addictive disease.


Experience specifically working with adults in the jail or prison system.

Experience in the development of Treatment Plans for SPMI and/or Addictive Disease

Experience in de-escalating crisis situations

Experience working with an electronic medical/health record system

Knowledge of Community Resources within Baldwin County and/or surrounding counties

Superior verbal & written communication skills

Master's degree in a related field from an accredited college or university AND eligibility to be licensed OR Bachelor's degree in a related field from an accredited college or university AND Two years experience in social service delivery.

Job: *Healthcare

Organization: *CSB - Oconee

Title: Social Worker, Women Treatment Coord.-SA

Location: GA-Baldwin-Milledgeville

Requisition ID: HEA022W