DANE COUNTY Social Service Specialist - Bilingual in MADISON, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Definition Under general supervision, performs a variety of unit-specific paraprofessional tasks and responsibilities in support of Social Work case plans and general Department operations. Examples of Duties Child Protective Services: Teaches child management skills and techniques to parents; supervises parent/child family interaction sessions; provides oral and written feedback to parents; provides feedback to social workers; documents observations; provides or arranges for transportation of children and youth; testifies in court; other duties as assigned. Juvenile Justice: Assists social workers by providing additional support to youth and families; monitors PASS cases; contacts youth, parents, schools, therapists, foster parents, group home staff to gather information or monitor compliance with court orders; provides feedback to social workers; facilitates youth groups; transports youth to appointments and placements; other duties as assigned. Substitute Care: Coaches foster parents on basic parenting techniques; provides information and support to foster parents; receives and assigns referrals for foster and group care; tracks foster parent training; handles requests from staff for foster home placements; assists adolescents in setting and monitoring independent living goals; calculates foster parent mileage reimbursement requests; receives referrals for residential treatment centers and distributes materials; other duties as assigned. Adult Protective Services: Assists Social Workers in working with adults of varying ages who have been determined by the court to be legally incompetent; works with the consumer's guardian and with staff at the consumer's placement facility; organizes and mails protective placement reviews to guardians and placement facilities; conducts face to face visits with consumers to review appropriateness of services under Wis. Statutes Chapter 55; organizes and submits placement reviews to the Probate Court; sends copies of documents to wards and guardians; files reviews and court documents in each consumer's file, serves notices on court petitions to consumers; and other duties as assigned. REQUIREMENTS: Education and Experience: In serving children and families, must have at least two years of college and at least two years of providing direct client services in a human services field pertaining to teaching, counseling, child development or child management, or working with individuals with special needs. In serving adults, must have at least two years of college and at least two years of providing direct client services in a human services field pertaining to older adults and/or adults with disabilities. In serving adults, may substitute two additional years of providing direct adult client services for one year of college or four additional years of providing direct adult client services for two years of college. Special Requirements: Positions designated as bilingual will require the ability to speak, write and communicate fluently and effectively in English language. You must also be able to speak, write and communicate fluently and effectively in Spanish (must be bilingual Spanish/English). Candidates will be evaluated on bilingual skills before progressing to the interview stage. Other Requirements: May be required to lift 30 pounds without assistance. Work hours are Monday through Friday. Starting and ending times may vary to include evenings based on caseload needs. A valid driver's license (or eligibility for) and a good driving record, including access to personal transportation are required. Candidates reaching the final selection stage will be subject to a thorough driving record and criminal background check. ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing in Spanish and in English; ability to engage and work with people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds with understanding and respe t for individuals and their differences; if serving children and families, knowledge of child development and child management techniques and ability to teach these to others; if serving adults, ability to communicate effectively with older adults and adults with disabilities, knowledge of the needs of these consumer groups and knowledge of the services available for these consumer groups; ability to use the computer to document case notes and activities; ability to accept new ideas and ways of accomplishing goals with the understanding of the need to work with the existing system; ability to maintain and understand the reasons for confidentiality; ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; ability to work independently; ability to work effectively in team situations; and the ability to make judgments concerning evaluation of information and the need for appropriate referral. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: www.countyofdane.com Other: TO APPLY FOR THIS POSITION FOLLOW THE NEXT STEPS: 1. GO TO OUR WEBSITE: JOBS.COUNTYOFDANE.COM 2. CLICK ON JOB TITLE, THIS WILL OPEN THE NEXT SCREEN. CLICK ON THE BOX THAT SAYS "APPLY". 3. COMPLETE ALL AREAS (INFO, WORK, EDUCATION, ADDITIONAL, REFERENCES, ATTACHMENTS (IF YOU HAVE AN DOCUMENTS TO ATTACH), QUESTIONS (THESE WILL BE SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONS DUE WITH THE RECRUITMENT), THEN REVIEW AND THEN CERTIFY TO APPLY). 4. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO LOG INTO YOUR PROFILE TO CHECK POSITIONS YOU HAVE APPLIED. WHEN YOU LOG IN CLICK ON YOUR NAME ON THE TOP RIGHT, CLICK ON APPLICATIONS; THIS WILL SHOW ALL POSITIONS YOU HAVE APPLIED FOR AND THE CURRENT STATUS.