Volunteers of America of MN Social Service Coordinator in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Requisition Number 15-0008 Post Date 1/10/2018 Title Social Service Coordinator Location Lake St City Minneapolis State MN Description The Social Services Coordinator (SSC) is responsible to assure the development, coordination of monitoring the individual program plans for all residents, especially those with chronic mental health issues, serious medical conditions, and other handicaps. The SSC coordination includes the participating in the intake-assessment-team process, employment-vocational-educational activities, and progress and treatment activities. The SSC specializes in coordinating community-based treatment and support systems, supervising other staff that work with residents and may also participate in the provision of onsite counselling/treatment and skill development activities. * Oversee and coordinate the intake, orientation, and needs assessment as it pertains to program delivery. Participate in the treatment plan process development/implementation for the RRC. * Oversee, supervise and monitor the activities and program plan(s) for each resident through the supervision of the facility in compliance with all applicable policies and procedures, and funding source standards. * Oversee, supervise and monitor the needs of assigned residents, identifying and coordinating appropriate treatment activities in the facility and the community. * Oversee, supervise, monitor and assure the documentation of all resident's job-search activities, assessment of employment readiness skills, and assist as needed with challenged/disabled residents with community-based programs, employment alternatives, and other productive activities in compliance with operating procedures and contractual obligations. * Participate as needed in the provision of onsite resident treatment programs, including counselling programs, employment and educational programs and onsite residential activities that address resident criminogenic needs. * Develop and maintain a comprehensive community resource index for referring residents in need for community treatment, income assistance or specialized employment opportunities. * Maintain and demonstrate working knowledge of VOAMN policies, procedures and operational procedures, as well as contractual obligations established by the funding source. * Participate in Program Review Team meetings. * Participate in the provision of pre-service and in-service training for staff as directed. * Prepare weekly, monthly or other periodic reports as required in the performance of position duties. * Represent the program to the public, community agencies and funding sources professionally and appropriately. * Assist in ensuring the facility's compliance with American Correctional Association's standards. * To maintain and improve treatment services for challenged/disabled residents. * To facilitate and monitor residents' participation and successful completion of the program. * To implement successful release planning to ensure residents' smooth transition to community life. * To assist in the operation of the facility to meet program goals and objectives appropriate to the needs of the residents and the requirements of the BOP. * To enhance resident participation in the program to maximize participation in community based resources, support systems and treatment options. Requirements The SSC position requires a minimum of Bachelor's Degree with a Master's Degree preferred in the field of social work, psychological and mental health services or related discipline, with five-years of employment experience in human services or mental health. SSC candidates should possess the ability to communicate and interact well with staff and have proven supervision skill set. The SCS must also be able to effectively communicate with and meet the needs of the re-entry population and the subset of the re-entry population who are mentally or physically challenged. Preference will be given to those skills in the delivery of evidenc